How to read your personalized financial report

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1 Includes current allocation of your overall portfolio as of the end date listed on this statement. Allocation is comprised of all account values listed on the title page.
2 Summary of all account values including additions, withdrawals, market change and fees. Portfolio summary is in dollars and portfolio return is in percentage net gain or loss.
3 This chart shows the performance of your portfolio since inception. Once line displays market performance only. The other displays market performance net of additions.
4 This chart shows your portfolio performance since inception.
1 This page further expands on the portfolio value summary from the previous page by detailing portfolio values by account.
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1 This table shows the summary of your specific account including additions, withdrawals, market changes and fees. This table shows the specific account value as well as rate of return for this specific account.
2 List of top ten holdings specific to this account.
3 Performance of this specific account since inception.
1 This page contains the summary of all holdings in this specific account which includes cost basis, yield, percent allocation of total account and net gain. Year-to-date income and returns for each specific investment as well as the entire account are also listed on this page.
1 All activity that took place within this specific account during the month.