We believe investors can “do well by doing good.” Our Stewardship PortfoliosSM — designed to help our clients meet their financial potential responsibly — seek attractive returns by investing in
companies that reflect a concern for the social and environmental issues facing our world.


ESG factors — Key drivers of value

In addition to aligning with a client’s sense of responsibility to the earth, its inhabitants and the environment, responsibly managed companies are often better positioned in the competitive market place — and better able to provide strong long-term growth.



Applying a higher standard

Seasons of Advice Stewardship PortfoliosSM employ a rigorous process for assessing ESG factors — without compromising your return goals.

We begin with funds and ETFs in the top two tiers of the Morningstar Portfolio Sustainability rating, which measures how well companies within a portfolio manage environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities. To identify companies that meet our higher standards, we apply a rigorous overlay that targets six areas of concern, looking to eliminate holdings that score more than 5% in any or all areas of concern.* The final universe is a competitive and diverse one, allowing us to build a customized, low-cost ESG portfolio offering a full range of asset allocation models from conservative to aggressive.

*Due to the heightened level of analysis, Seasons of Advice charges and additional 0.1% fee. Please see our Form ADV for more information, including a discussion of applicable fees and risks.

Morningstar Sustainability Rating

SOA Enhanced ESG Overlay filters to limit the following areas of concern:

  • Tobacco
  • Palm oil
  • Thermal coal
  • Small arms
  • Controversial weapons
  • Animal testing (optional)

SOA Stewardship Portfolio

Portfolios available offer a full range of asset allocation models from conservative to aggressive, all designed to perform.

Stewardship Portfolios

To download a copy of our Stewardship portfolio, featuring information on our enhanced ESG portfolio,
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