What We Do

We Help you Finance your life

With decades of investment experience, we are smart and caring professionals with the insights and expertise to help you manage your entire financial life.

We work hard to build a relationship with you and your family that can endure for generations. Initial meetings are relaxed and comfortable — getting to know you and your family, understanding your individual and family goals, determining short-term needs, and assessing your tolerance for risk. These conversations are the cornerstones of the financial strategies we put to work to protect your assets and build wealth.

Here are just a few things we will explore:

  • What are some of your most important dreams and goals?
  • Does your cash flow accommodate your needs and financial obligations?
  • Can you spend more? Should you be saving more?
  • How have you prepared for possible emergencies?
  • Do you have the right insurance? How much do you need?
  • Should you restructure your debt?
  • What strategies are best for your tax situation?
  • How should my retirement plan be invested?
  • Can you give more to your children or grandchildren?
  • What charities are important to you?
  • Are there social or environmental issues facing our world that you wish to reflect in your investment approach?
  • Are there any areas of the markets or investment strategies where you wish, or do not wish, to participate?
  • Have you planned for end of life care?
  • Are all your documents in order?

Your Family’s CFO

We are smart and caring professionals who partner with you to build a long and successful relationship:

  • We are fiduciaries — dedicated to serving your best interest.
  • We are independent advisors, selecting among the best investment products and partnerships, without conflict of interest.
  • We work for your family, addressing intergenerational preferences, goals and needs.
  • We welcome the opportunity to coordinate with your other trusted advisors.